ATU 2023

Works made during the exchange program semester from January to May 2023 at the Atlantic Technological University Sligo – Ireland.

Art Statement: My area of focus points to the different configurations of relationships between humanity, the environment and nature.

Landscapes are the result of our human interventions on the territory. We construct the landscape, as well as the concept itself. How we see and interpret landscapes is a visual and sensory process permeated by our cultural background. Therefore, all the representations of landscapes which I create, using wide perspectives of drawing are not neutral. Not even the little elements that I frenetically draw, such as grass, rocks, or leaves, are impartial; on which I overlay my culture, my experiences, my history and my interpretation. 

Some visual resources that I use are threads, abstracted lines, blots, stains, soil, fabric, and so forth. Using photographic or memory references of landscapes, I spread the materials on the surfaces and wait for them to become alive. Then, when they ask for more, I try to solve the problem. And “we” can spend hours and days staring at each other, until it is concluded.

Briefly, my works are an invitation to think, together with plants, nature, and landscape, about our relationship with other forms of life. We all have the power of a continuum of becoming. The question is: Becoming what?

I am influenced by artists who draw our attention to natural spaces, such as Anselm Kiefer, Van Gogh, Barrie Cooke, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Claudia Hamerski.